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Sell Gold, Silver, Jewelry to Paramus NJ Gold Buyers

Gold and Silver Exchange Bergen County New Jersey

Sell gold Paramus, Bergen County New Jersey

If you are looking to sell gold you have come to the right place.  There are many choices but American Gold and Silver Fund is the best place to sell gold.  Customers often have questions regarding how to sell gold.   We are always happy to answer all of your questions so you can sell gold with peace of mind.  If you are looking to sell gold contact us today!   Our mission is to make every customer looking to sell gold a happy customer.  We know word of mouth is the best form of advertising so we do everything in our power to make your experience the very best it can be.

We have made thousands of customers that were looking to sell gold happy for choosing us.  If you are looking to sell gold print out one of our cash bonus coupons and visit one of our locations near Paramus today.  We will make your experience comfortable and profitable when you sell gold by treating you honesty and integrity.  For the best experience sell gold to American Gold and Silver Fund!  We promise you will not regret it.  Join thousands of other satisfied customers that wanted to sell gold and now have spendable cash.  Many of these customers sold to us after shopping around because they found American Gold and Silver Fund to be the best company.        



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Sell Jewelry Paramus, Bergen County New Jersey

Do you want or need to sell jewelry? Many want to sell jewelry to pay off bills or even plan a vacation.  Other people sell jewelry because it is no longer style or it may be broken.  At American Gold and Silver Fund we treat all customers the same regardless of your reason to sell jewelry.  We are proud to be a company that sets itself apart from the competition by treating each and every customer with respect and dignity which is why we are the best place to sell jewelry near Paramus Bergen County New Jersey.


We do everything we can to make customers ready to sell jewelry feel comfortable and treated fairly.  Whether it’s answering your questions or explaining the process we use to test your items.  We are happy to provide you with the most professional experience possible when you sell jewelry.  If you want or need to sell jewelry Contact us today! If you sell jewelry to us we are sure you will not regret the experience.  Be sure to visit our coupon page to print out and bring a cash bonus coupon if you want to sell jewelry near Paramus in Bergen County New Jersey.  Visit our locations page to find a location nearest to you. 




Win a $100 Gift Card

American Gold and Silver Fund is hands down the Best Place to Sell Gold and Silver in New Jersey 

- Sharon Luciano -

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Printable Coupons

You get an extra 20% on top of our already super high payouts just click and print and stop by your nearest location or call us to learn more about private appointments and super safe and secure mail in program.

Gold Buyers Paramus, Bergen County New Jersey

With so many gold buyers to choose from you may be asking yourself how to pick the best one.  One way to compare gold buyers near Paramus, Bergen County New Jersey is to compare the amounts you can receive for your items.  We shop the competition so you don’t have to.  Each month our staff visits several gold buyers in the area to compare prices.  We then make sure we are paying the best price possible to make sure our customers receive the most.  Another way to compare gold buyers is based upon the level of customer service.  Many companies look at the customers as desperate lowlifes that need cash and consequently treat them with very little respect.  At American Gold and Silver Fund we are gold buyers that treat every customer as if they are friends or family.  We don’t look down at our customers or try to take advantage of them.

We also DO NOT assume customers need to sell their items because they are in a tight financial situation.  We are friendly gold buyers and we perceive our customers as people who no longer want or have use of their items.  Other gold buyers view their customers as people who need to sell.  This is a huge difference that you will easily feel as a customer when working with different gold buyers.  We you come to our company you will quickly notice you are working with gold buyers that respect you!  There are many gold buyers to choose from.  Choose the company that will pay you the most and treat you the best.  When you are ready to work with professional gold buyers choose American Gold and Silver Fund. 




Sell Silver Paramus, Bergen County New Jersey

Are you looking to sell silver? American gold and silver fund is also the best place to sell silver near Paramus Bergen County New Jersey.  Most other gold buyers do not offer services to customers that are looking to sell silver. If you are looking to sell silver jewelry, coins, flatware, or any other items contact us today.  If you have items to sell that you believe are silver but you are unsure visit one of our stores and we will happily test them for you at no charge.


Customers looking to sell silver can visit our stores during normal business hours or you can make an appointment to avoid any waiting. Since our company buys and holds silver to hold long term we are able to offer customers looking to sell silver the best payouts.  To get the best price when you sell silver near Paramus Bergen County New Jersey visit American Gold and Silver Fund.   



Sell Gold and Silver Coins

Coin Store Paramus, Coin shop Paramus, Coin Buyer Paramus, Antique Jewelry Paramus, Pawn Shop Paramus, Pawn Gold Paramus

We buy coins from your old collections we are buyers of most old coins half-dollars, quarters, dimes that are pre-1964. These coins are 90% silver and are valued at higher than their face value. We also buy Kennedy half-dollars between 1965 and 1969 which contain 40% Silver

We beat all the local coin stores nearby Paramus because the company founders are avid collectors so we typically don’t resell your coins. Sell to a company that will value your coins just as much as you do.

Other coins we buy include Gold Saint Gaudens Double Eagles, Silver Morgan Dollars, Silver Peace Dollars, American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, British Sovereigns, American Silver Eagles, South African Krugerrands, Chinese Pandas, and many, more. For a full list call one of our locations nearby Paramus and speak directly to one of our metals & coin experts.







Quick Contact

Phone: 1-800-591-0313

Fax: 1-877-253-7922


American Gold and Silver Fund is hands down the Best Place to Sell Gold and Silver in New Jersey

- Sharon Luciano -

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